Absolutely in love with this simple and sweet tattoo that Roz hired me to script- “Fly.” Taken from the Tom Petty lyrics “learning to fly, but I ain’t got wings,” I love this simple sentiment and message.  The adoring way her daughter is gazing at her in these pictures melts my heart!  Shoot me an email if you are ready to make your tattoo dreams come true and make some prettiness permanent on your skin. xo

Photos by Cathy Nystrom.


Can I just say how much I love designing tattoos for people?  I never imagined that this would be such a big part of what I focus on in my business, but I am so glad that it turned out that way.  Working on such permanent, personal projects with people is so gratifying.  This tattoo, with the names “Jali” and “Kai” turned out so gorgeously.  Love it, Jodi!






For the fifth year, I’m offering a limited number of custom, personalized valentines in my online shop, Litterae Studio.  Also available in my etsy shop, if you’re more familiar with that.  This is always my favorite project of the entire year, and I feel so honored that people entrust me with their special messages to loved ones.  I’m only selling a limited amount of them this year, so scoop one up before they are gone!  They are available in two colorways- blush and then gold with cream.


I am so excited to introduce my holiday products to you- listed in my online shop, Litterae Studio.  There are just a few of them, but they are all very special (some of them are original prints done in white gouache on French paper) and I hope you’ll take a peek!  Black Friday – Cyber Monday, take 20% off with the code JOY.  Surprise your kith and kin with some beautiful calligraphy products this year!




So in love with how this tattoo turned out for Alexandra- this is in honor of her daughter Valentina (that name!), whose hand she is squeezing in the picture above.  I actually wasn’t crazy about the idea of the little heart at the end of the name, but I think it ended up being so perfect.  I love it!

Calligraphy: Betsy Dunlap Calligraphy
Tattoo Artist: Pee Wee from Lark Tattoo
Photography: Kristina Fabian Photography