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Wherever you are my love will find you

sohn family-1

sohn family-2

I wanted to share a little bit about a very special client, Joanna, who contacted me to do some lettering for a tattoo a couple of years ago.  It was meant to honor her late husband, who had passed away unexpectedly, and  I was so honored to be a part of the process of helping her heal.  She hasn’t tattooed the lettering on her skin yet, but she recently sent me the link to these amazingly beautiful images, taken by talented photographer Rachelle Derouin.  She has had the words “Wherever you go my love will find you (from the Nancy Tillman children’s book) burned onto a special box.  It contains photos from the previous shoot they had done as a family of four with Rachelle, shortly before David passed away.  What an amazing, strong woman, and such a gorgeous, sweet family.  Working with Joanna and poring over these beautiful images of her precious family has made me want to hug my husband and babies a little harder, cherish them tighter, to never forget how numbered our days are.  Life is such a precious, fleeting gift.

I pray that this family will be so blessed as they continue to heal, and that God will grant them peace in the process. xo


  • I am so glad to have found this post. My friend’s husband passed away a few days. I wanted to give her a special gift. I found a very pretty hand painted sign with just these words, ‘Wherever you go my love will find you.” I have been hesitant to give it to her thinking it might not be appropriate, but now that I have read Joanna’s story I am definitely going to give it to her. Thanks so much for sharing this!

    date August 3, 2015
  • I am so very glad, Michele! Prayers to your friend with her recent loss. xo

    date August 4, 2015

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